Opportunity Spotting & Future Trends

Dr Jones will be with us at SMU to lead a future focused interactive workshop exploring emerging opportunities. Mixing sharing of the latest global insights from the Future Agenda programme with value creating new business models, this event will help participants co-develop new opportunity areas.


  • To engage participants in seeing and exploring new emerging opportunities
  • To co-develop perspectives and options on how to exploit these opportunities
  • To create, challenge and build outline business / new venture concepts
  • To present / pitch new concepts to internal / external experts


  • Mix of insight sharing, debate, personal reflection, solo and team working


Day 1: Identifying Emerging Opportunities

  1. Talk by Dr. Tim Jones to provide overview and key insights from Future Agenda
  2. Immersion in future trends, exploring options / possibilities / Identify areas of potential interest
  3. Developing initial views on what solutions and business (models) can add value - how / where / why
  4. Sharing outline perspectives, reviewing and gaining feedback for improvement

Day 2: Building Potential Solutions

  1. Exploring relevant solutions / business models from adjacent areas / other regions
  2. Reviewing and enhancing initial views / options and selecting the most attractive
  3. Building business model using key template ingredients
  4. Co-developing outline business plan / strategy / impact targets
  5. Creating pitch / key USP and sharing to expert panel for feedback and next steps
<p><span><span><span><strong>Terms &amp; Conditions:</strong></span><br />
<em>* Refers only to student who had graduated with a SMU qualification</em><br />
<em>- Strictly use SMU email account to register for SMU students/ faculty/ staff &amp; Alumni<br />
- No refund will be given in the event of non-attendance, transfer of registration and/or cancellation.<br />
- SMU BIG Incubatees refers to companies currently incubating in SMU IIE.<br />
- SMU BIG Alumni refers to companies previously incubated by SMU IIE.<br />
- SMU IIE reserves the rights of admissions to the programme</em><br />
<em>- Certificate of Participation will be awarded to those who attended all sessions.</em></span></span></p>

<p><span><span><strong><em>(Registration Starts at 8.30am)</em></strong></span></span></p>
<div> <p>Tim is a recognised expert in innovation, growth and futures. He is the author / editor of eight books and a regular speaker on innovation leadership, growth platforms and future trends. For over twenty-five years he has worked with many leading
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SMU students/ staff/ faculty: $50

SMU Alumni: $100 *

Public: $600
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<p><strong>Administration Building,&nbsp; Level&nbsp; 5&nbsp;</strong><br />
<strong>Executive Seminar Room 5-1 (Rm 0543)</strong><br />
Singapore&nbsp; Management&nbsp; University&nbsp;</p>

<p>81 Victoria Street</p>

<p>Singapore 188065</p>
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