Cassie Dong

Senior Manager, Acceleration

Holding two Masters’ Degree in Science, Cassie started her career as a typical scientist working in a lab. She moved on to informal science education where she found herself better suited to making science learning fun and engaging. In more than 10 years working with Science Centre Singapore, she developed multiple skills including project management, event organization, marketing and outreach. An excellent communicator, her proven organisational and leadership skills have been utilised for many projects and events.

An enthusiastic being who dares to be different, Cassie always looks out for creative ways to carry out tasks and improve work processes. Her passion for innovation landed her at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Aug 2012.

Cassie enjoys working with a young and energetic team. She believes in the Universal Law of Attraction – thoughts create experiences. Her favorite quote is: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”