IP Management Office

From formulation to securement, up to commercialization, IPMO takes up an active role in the management of the Intellectual Property generated at SMU.

IPMO has three main roles with respect to the intellectual property (IP) generated at SMU.

Formulating IP policies

IPMO takes the lead in formulating policies regarding IP rights. It consults the Office of Legal and General Affairs where needed. Such policies include IP ownership rights in joint projects with third parties as well as the IP rights for the inventors in SMU

Securing IPs

IPMO manages the IP evaluation process to determine the need to secure IP that could result in disruptive innovation opportunities. It works with third parties towards filing Singapore and PCT patents when required.

Commercializing IP

IPMO manages commercialization of SMU’s IP. It works either directly or throughintermediaries to structure IP licensing deals with firms both large and small.