New Business Building

Individuals with a desire to scale their innovations can register for this course and understand the approach and key skills required to start a new venture.

Individuals with a desire to start up a company should register for this course and understand the nuances in building a new company.

New Business Building (NBB) workshops are run by panels of experts with experience either in building companies or coaching the founding teams in building successful companies.

This is a “must-do” if you are an aspiring entrepreneur embarking on your first venture. You will get to learn from master classes conducted by practitioners including experienced entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists.

The NBB business enablement training focuses on four key objectives:

  1. Equip participants with A2's methodologies for Business and People Development.
  2. Offer tools for assessing your own startup.
  3. Offer know-how for implementing the methodologies within your startup.
  4. Develop entrepreneurial talent and encourage continuous learning using the foundation built as the base and catalyst.


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