Yong Sheng Le

Associate Director, Venturecraft Group

Sheng Le is the associate director of investment for Venturecraft Group - a venture capital firm that provides funding, expertise and market access to promising Medtech, Digital Health and ICT startups. As the Group typically invest in Series A and Series B round, Sheng Le is seasoned in assessing the robustness of a buisiness plan and the valuation of startups.


The Group is founded by Singaporean serial entrepreneur Isaac Ho, and backed by some

of the top e-commerce entrepreneurs from China such as Sun TongYu (Co-Founder of

Alibaba Group and former President of Taobao) and Cai Wensheng (Chairman of Meitu).

The Group also operates three incubators located in Singapore (the JTC Launchpad @

one-north), Taiwan (Taipei City), and China (Hangzhou Economic and Technological

Development Area).


Prior to joining the Venturecraft Group, Sheng Le founded his own startup (Rentafi) in

late 2013. In early 2016, he sold his shares in Rentafi, earning a significant return on capital within 2.5 years. Sheng Le is a professional accountant by training and spent 2 years in PwC as a tax consultant. He analysed the business operations of MNCs and advised them on the various methods to maximize their tax savings in Singapore.

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