Testimonials from TSM Europe 2014

"Overall, the trip has been wonderfully enriching. While the pre-trip business analytics have been meaningful, only by meeting the startup founders in person, sharing our different perspectives of their businesses, and soaking in the actual environments where they work, do we truly appreciate the passion and buzz of startup life in Europe. The combination of postgrad and undergrad students for this programme is also highly recommended, as both of our groups complemented each other perfectly in terms of experiential learning, enthusiasm, and just sheer bonding. In fact, we bonded so well that one of the undergrads had agreed to be the CTO in my startup venture right after the trip! Indeed, it’s a truly meaningful and unforgettable experience!" 

- Jeff CHIN, founder of DINGO and MI class of 2014 – 2015


"IS427 gave me the opportunity to experience how startups in Europe and France work compared with those in Singapore, and provided me multiple insights which I could apply back to my company and capstone project. The opportunity to work with a startup which had raised seed funding and venture capital, created the enhanced value that cannot be learnt within the classroom and forged strong networks for my business. The opportunity to interact with information system undergraduates, opened access points to several coders  which allowed me to consult and leverage onto their expertise.  IS427 is an experience that every aspiring and seasoned entrepreneur should embark on!" 

- Wilson LAI, President of MI class of  2014 - 2015


“I found the two courses with Desai extremely helpful - especially 427.  In fulfilling our assignments we had to really put to practice much of what we were learning in the MI program.  Being able to really get to work with a few startups and learn about some 30 companies was great. Further being able to travel and visit a few incubators not only gave me that 'global' perspective but widen my view of the possibilities.” 

- Pearl Yookgee LOUIE, MI Class of 2014-2015