Go!Places launches a helpful app for modern traveller, Wotabout!

Go!Places launches a helpful app for modern traveller, Wotabout!

Monday Apr 28,2014

Wotabout, the new Android app from Go!Places presents an exciting new way to discover fun places around you. Designed with inputs from travel enthusiasts around the world, Wotabout has some unique features that make it the perfect discovery app for the modern traveller:

Unplug. Wotabout works both online and offline. No need to worry about expensive data charges while on holiday. Just download Wotabout’s city guide onto your phone before you go and you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

Explore. Turn on your GPS and let Wotabout tell you what is near you, whether it’s a place of interest, a cool place to shop, or a recommended local restaurant. Information is presented in concise bytes enough for you to know what it’s about, but still allowing you the pleasure of discovery.

Navigate. Wotabout’s in-°©‐app maps help you find your way. And yes of course, they work perfectly offline!

Remember. Capture your fun moments with Wotabout’s in-°©‐app camera feature. It auto-°©‐captions your photo for you to share with your friends. If

you’d rather add your own caption, that’s fine too! Wotabout currently covers

4 destinations – Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali, and Sydney, with more to come. All this,  and so pretty too! Yes, it’s a very cool looking app that your friends are sure to ask you about.

So Wotabout discovering something new today?



Website: www.wotabout.com


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