Thursday May 14,2015

14 May 2015 - Tomas Laboutka, Co-Founder & CEO of HotelQuickly started by engaging the audience by picking what was on their minds and addressed them as he gave his talk at the Singapore Management University recently.

HotelQuickly is a mobile-only service that helps users book hotels really quickly. A solution for travelers to book hotels last-minute with more than190 destinations across Asia-Pacific.

At the heart of it all, HotelQuickly believes that spontaneous moments enriches lives by providing travel that isn't just easy but affordable as well.

In his talk, one valuable piece of advise he gave is " to understand yourself & the reason why you do what you do." He also went through some pointers that made a difference when one is deciding to startup a company. In a nutshell, the 3 simple steps he shared is that in the beginning, Just Go! Trust your intuition and passion, have the courage to make mistakes. Secondly, is to learn quicker by knowing your end goal. Set up your team and decide who will bring it there and why? The third and last is to keep it simple and transparent. By having the right chemistry and the steps required towards a great company culture. 


Read below on some of the take-aways and comments shared by those attended;

"Good snapshot of an enthusiastic  entrepreneur and his thinking" - Devan, Student

"Interesting insights on the inner workings of an entrepreneur" - Gabriel, Intern Gree Ventures

"Inspirational, interesting story and encouraging to do something different" - Josie Stoker, Student

"Fantastic speaker and lessons. Really liked how he focused on our questions and directed topics around what we are interested in and not necessarily the slides" - Aaron, Founder Deetiles

"Useful good insights of the challenges of what a startup would face and how he managed to solve them" - Adam Chee

"Inspiring, interactive, fresh, applicable and engaging" - Sheila, Publishing Editor


For more information about HotelQuickly, visit their website at


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