StartUp Testimonials

“Beyond the glamour of being a student founder, managing a startup is no easy feat. A founder will find that he or she is manifestly inadequate in many areas and may find themselves in stressful and anxious situations. Fortunately, BIG provides the resources to help and support founders along this journey. BIG provides many opportunities for founders to network with other founders, develop themselves and validate their ideas to take their ideas to market. Through the open concept coworking space, BIG provides a safe space for founders to bounce off ideas amongst other founders, providing a fantastic opportunity for new ideas to blossom.”

- Shaun Lai, Co-Founder of Samaritern


“BIG has been a great source of networks and knowledge for Munch. They provide the invaluable opportunity to tap into the startup ecosystem through mentors, pitching opportunities and events. BIG is also great for student entrepreneurs who run between classes and work as it is conveniently located within SMU itself.“

- Earnest Lim, Co-Founder of Munch Technologies


"IIE has become like a home for my startup. I have received valuable guidance, mentorship, resources and training that has made me a better founder. However, above all, it has given me access to a community of people who have given me tremendous support throughout my time here.

Besides the mentorship, resources and guidance that IIE offers, as entrepreneurs it is important to surround yourselves with like-minded people. In this program you will get to meet individuals who might be or have been in your exact position and you can learn so much from them. I have made really good friends in IIE who have helped me through some of the harder times in running Made Real. The environment is pretty amazing, people are always willing to help and discuss ideas with you. I've had a great time here!"

- Robin, Made Real


"The IIE Incubation program has provided a great environment and support for the herbidex team. The condusive workspace and various support in the administrative and business setup allows new entrepreneurs like us to focus on our innovation process."

- Hayden, Herbidex


"I have benefited tremendously because of the excellent infrastructure, excellent location and good working space. We are able to soak in the atmosphere of many aspiring start-up entrepreneurs
Plus, there are many SMU seminars by local and foreign Professors for us to attend. The incubation is well-structured and we are assigned to a mentor who is expert in the particular areas/stages. A great platform to reach out to industry leaders and investors too!"

- Benjamin, Transwap