The Other Side of Business: SimplyGood

The Other Side of Business: SimplyGood

Friday Mar 20,2020 | IIE News

UglyGood is SimplyGood (No pun intended).

One of IIE's incubatees, UglyGood created a brand extension called SimplyGood. With sustainability at the core of what they do, SimplyGood is a consumer brand that shines the spotlight on plastic waste with its line of sustainable cleaning products.

Founders Clewyn P and Jeremy Lee, both SMU alumni started developing their line of cleaning tablets since last year, and more recently launched their latest product - food-grade eco-friendly hand sanitisers, right before the height of COVID-19 outbreak. Blessed with a reliable supply chain and quick response to market change, the team formulate, test and scale the product in two weeks. In collaboration with DBS Foundation, SimplyGood hand sanitisers were purchased by the bank and distributed to social service agencies in Singapore.  >> Read more


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