Andy Chua And Family Undergraduate Summer Venture Awardee: Yash Gadodia

Andy Chua And Family Undergraduate Summer Venture Awardee: Yash Gadodia

Thursday Aug 26,2021 | IIE News


Name: Yash Gadodia

Major / Course of Study: Digital Cloud Solutioning & Business Analytics (School of Computing and Information Systems)

Tell us a little bit more about your startup & what you were working on this summer.   

AfterClass seeks to be the first superapp targeted towards college students in Southeast Asia. We seek to build an all-in-one platform that tackles pain points for students, fulfilling the original mission of the Facebook app. 

We worked on developing our web application from scratch + launching it in SMU and NUS. To date, we have 5000+ registered users and 11000+ professor and course reviews on our site, with a lifetime page views of 2,000,000+. We are currently the only platform in SMU that provides course and professor reviews.

How has the Andy Chua And Family Undergraduate Summer Venture Award benefitted you so far?

Well, the $1.5k grant was essential in getting us off the ground. We used the money to pay for our server costs and smaller day-to-day operational costs. It might not seem much, but the email service, Google Accounts, and backend and frontend server costs add up quickly. During our site’s peak, we spent close to 200USD just keeping up with the site’s traffic. So, the award came in handy as we are not making any revenue at the moment. 

I would recommend the Summer Venture Award to other student entrepreneurs because...

It is free money! No seriously, as a young startup every dollar counts. Most startups bootstrap their initial product, and we were no different. I would recommend capitalising on all the awards, bursaries, programmes out there for students, because there are a lot of them! 

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