Affiliate programmes links SMU with the rest of the world. There are presently four categories of affiliates.

Academic Affiliates

The Academic Affiliate Program (AAP) has collaborations with local and global Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs). The AAP sources intellectual property (IP) from the collaborators with the intention to facilitate the commercialisation of the IP. For any IP, an IP audit and IP valuation is carried out to determine the most suitable means of commercialising the IP. The outcome of the IP Audit will determine whether an IP is best suited to be commercialized as a start-up company, or to be licensed to third parties or to simply abandon it. The IP suited for a start-up company will be presented to experienced professionals through networking sessions organized by IIE's Affiliates' Corner (AC).

The program also sources technology specialists to reinforce core teams to strenghten the IP. Through IIE, the SMU community can gain access to business mentors, investors, funding opportunities, networking opportunities and incubation support.



Enterprise Affiliates

SMU's Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IIE) is launching an Enterprise Affiliate (EA) programme for large enterprises. The programme allows large enterprises to benefit from the thought leadership of IIE and its knowledge partners.

IIE can customize the programmes to fit the needs of its Enterprise Affiliate partners.

As an Enterprise Affiliate, a company can mix and match any of the following programmes:

  • customized training in innovation methodologies for its employees including Management Associates
  • customized training in innovation management for its mid or higher level management
  • customized training on intrapreneurship
  • open innovation training and projects
  • annual innovation related briefings to CXOs
  • hire undergraduate students trained in innovation as Innovation Catalyst for summer internships
  • hire MBA and undergraduate students trained in innovationfor employment
  • conduct feasibility studies for embryonic ideas through students' projects
  • other customized projects


Research Affiliates

Non-SMU individuals with interesting and innovative ideas and a strong desire to start up new companies are invited to sign up as Research Affiliates and leverage on IIE's network and support in the following areas:

  1. Business Development
  2. CEO Coaching
  3. Coaching in preparing marketing decks
  4. Coaching in preparing fund raising decks
  5. Developing marketing brochure
  6. Finance & Accounting
  7. Introduction to business mentors
  8. Introduction to angel investors
  9. Introduction to venture capitalists
  10. Grant proposal preparation


Examples of Research Affiliates who have worked with IIE to start their companies:

  • LeapSky Wireless Pte Ltd
    A novel globally scalable voice over IP solution
  • HumanNetworkLabs:
    Offering a mobile phone based tracking solution
  • Apilinx:
    Mobile service provider dedicated to remote patient monitoring
  • Ziecast Pte Ltd
    online service to disruptively change the way live or archived sports video content
  • Infoline LLP
    Smart Information Help line
  • EZR Medical
    A prescripted pain management device that is able to help relief and monitor your progress to a pain-free life.


SME Affiliates

Enterprising and growth focused Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can chart their path to becoming a regional or global multinational enterprise by embracing Active Innovation Management (AIM) programme.

The AIM programme is designed to train key senior level executives of SMEs responsible for planning the growth strategy of their companies. They will acquire the necessary competencies in innovation opportunity identification & innovation management through the training.

AIM training will be organized in two phases.

The first phase will involve 5 days of training at the Singapore Management University (SMU) premises where the SME representative will be paired with assigned Innovation Catalyst & SMU student.

The first phase training is split into two segments – a three day training programme on Innovation Opportunity Identification Methodologies followed by a two day training programme on Innovation Management.

The second phase will place assigned Innovation Catalyst with the SME for a period of up to four months beginning the second half of April. The Innovation Catalyst will help design & implement an innovation management process working with the top management of the SME. The catalyst will also identify immediate innovation opportunities in consultations with the strategy/ planning team of the SME.

An SME can then consider applying for the TIP funding from Singapore for bringing to life the identified innovation opportunity.

Key Benefits

  • Training in Innovation and Innovation Management
  • Institutionalising an Innovation Process in your Company
  • Identifying one or two low hanging innovation opportunities