Business Innovations Generator Programmes

Launched in 2009, the Business Innovation Generator (BIG) aims to provide support to every SMU student who is interested in entrepreneurial pursuit. We have developed a coaching heavy and founder centric incubation curriculum that are tailored to various stages and needs of our SMU entrepreneurs. BIG runs three main programmes:

BIG Startup School

The BIG Startup School is a 12 week programme focused on teaching you how go from having an idea to creating and testing a prototype. Through a product-focused program, you’ll get to learn from leaders of fast-growing companies such as Google, Sequoia, Airbnb and more to help you gain hands-on experience on what it takes to build your own prototype. This programme is suitable for students with or without a business idea.

BIG Incubation Programme

The BIG Incubation Programme is a 9 month equity-free programme that helps founders validate and refine their product and startup. It is designed to help early-stage founders validate their product and get ready for seed investment. Selected teams receive support including grant opportunities, world-class mentors and advisors, masterclasses, perks as well as a work space in the heart of downtown Singapore.

BIG Virtual Acceleration Programme

The BIG Virtual Acceleration Programme connects founders to clients and investors. It targets seed stage founders in Asia who are interested to expand operations or fundraise in Singapore.


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