The acceleration function aims to establish an ecosystem for early stage venture capital in Singapore. It is the early stage VCs who will accelerate the growth of new businesses. This function will also develop a network of investors to benefit SMU's stakeholders.
SMU offers different workshops, talks, and study missions to the aspiring entrepreneur. Speakers and instructors who have a deep understanding of the industry conduct these workshops and talks.
Incubation function helps entrepreneurs with completed prototypes to build an innovative company, subject to the guidelines specified in the incubator handbook.
From formulation to securement, up to commercialization, IPMO takes up an active role in the management of the Intellectual Property generated at SMU.
Promotion offers programs to nurture and grow innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities among and across students, staff, and faculty of Singapore Management University.
Affiliate programs links SMU with the rest of the world. There are presently four categories of Affiliates.
Sandbox function is dedicated to help SMU community build prototypes of their innovation. These prototypes may be used to raise funds for innovative start-ups.