Research Projects & Programmes

In IIE, we have both applied and original research projects/programmes, and some of the ongoing projects/programmes are:

Priming Regional Market Focus or General Capabilities - A Randomized Control Trail Approach

The Start-up CApability, Learning and Empowerment (SCALE) project at SMU aims to bring to Singapore start-ups the ability to grow and scale up through targeted training, mentoring, strategy optimization, feedback and networking. In this project we survey new start-ups to provide feedback, and use interventions like providing to them free workshops and mentoring sessions so they could potentially improve their performance. We also investigate how such interventions affect the start-ups’ performances and their internalization behavior.


Resources Acquisition in Entrepreneurship Activities

Resources acquisition is a critical process in start-ups & entrepreneurs’ activities. Start-ups/entrepreneurs need to identify the different types of resources they require like funding, human capital, marketing channels etc., and the need to acquire the required resources efficiently. In this project we investigate how entrepreneurs utilize their social capital to acquire resources, and what are the factors that impact resource acquisition’s quality and efficiency.

Knowledge Management in Firms' Innovation Process

More and more firms are now considered as knowledge driven businesses. How knowledge plays a role in firms’ innovation processes and how innovation behaviour contribute to firms’ performance are of great interest to their decision makers. In this project, we use patent data as a proxy to measure and analyse firms’ innovation behaviour in the knowledge landscape, as well as to investigate the knowledge transfer mechanism between firms’ innovation teams.


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