The Global Innovation Immersion (GII) programme is a 3-month overseas internship with High-Growth Innovative companies. The ideal internship to develop future-ready skills to future-proof your career. Our programme emphasises on the cultivation of a Growth and Fail-Forward Mindset.

Bootcamp Training
Before embarking on your internship of a lifetime, we’ll equip you with practical skills taught by industry leaders & entrepreneurs. Participate in a comprehensive pre-internship training, covering Business Analytics, Digital Marketing & Technology

Digital Marketing

  • Develop & plan effective digital marketing campaigns, with a strong focus on marketing return on investment (ROI)
  • Gain proficiency in digital marketing tools, including HubSpot, Facebook, Google Analytics
  • Drive user and customer acquisition during your internship with your knowledge of cutting-edge techniques & platforms

Business Analytics

  • Confidently make data-driven decisions, drawing on multiple sources to present a holistic picture
  • Use Excel to spot trends and identify patterns that translate to actionable recommendations
  • Present your insights and tell compelling stories through data visualization and dashboards


  • Equip yourself with knowledge on the latest programming languages, libraries, and frameworks that startups use
  • Learn to bring your ideas to life and help your startup solve problems
  • Develop a vocabulary to communicate with technical colleagues, even if you have a non-technical background


Experiential Learning
Immerse yourself in the dynamism & vibrancy of global innovation hotspots, and learn from founders of startups firsthand. Immerse yourself in some of the fastest-growing global innovation hotspots around the world!


Electrifying. Rocket Growth. Eclectic Cultures.

Southeast Asia holds tremendous opportunities for the bold, daring and courageous. Each country has its own unique culture, language and people; but the region is united in its rocket growth.

This is where you’ll build and scale your successful startup. This is where you’ll rise to be king of the mountain. This is Southeast Asia.

Cities Offered: Jakarta (Indonesia), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Bangkok (Thailand), Manila (Philippines)



Competitive. Massive Market. Meaningful Relationships.

China is on track to be the world’s largest economy. A powerhouse to be reckoned with. Knowing how to survive and thrive in China means riding on the dragon and discovering opportunities nowhere else offers.

This is where you’ll forge meaningful relationships. This is where you’ll soar with the dragon that shows no sign of slowing down. This is China.

Cities Offered: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu



Innovative. World-Class. Cutting-Edge Technology.

USA is home to the most iconic technology companies, many of whom started out from a dorm room or garage. Learn how entrepreneurship is the preferred career choice, and the crazy ideas in everyone’s minds.

This is where you’ll learn from the best of the best. This is where you’ll rub shoulders with legends, titans and icons. This is the United States of America.

Cities Offered: San Francisco / Bay Area (California), Boulder (Colorado)

Mentorship & Networking 
Its not just what you know, but who do you know?

The #1 factor of success as an entrepreneur or professional is who you know. Starting out a business and need capital? Pick up your phone and text your friend working as an associate at a venture capital firm. Looking for your next internship / full-time job? Send a Telegram to your acquaintance who can make a referral.

Throughout your GII experience, we’ll expand your networks by providing an in-country mentor who will journey alongside you, during your internship. The in-country mentor is your gateway to be in-the-know. To be part of the ‘in’ group. In addition, we’ll equip you with networking skills. No, not how to shake hands (you probably know that already). We’ll teach you how to find and reach out to people to have coffee chats. We’ll show you how to structure conversations during those coffee chats. Best of all, we’ll pay for your coffee.

Ultimately, it boils down to one question: If you were to return to the city 6 months later, how many people can you call on for coffee?

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