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There are inherent risks and challenges involved in performing free-weights exercise without proper supervision. Free-weights exercises, which involve using dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells, offer numerous benefits for strength training and muscle development. However, they also carry a higher risk of injury if not executed with correct form and technique. Many individuals, especially beginners or those without access to personal trainers, struggle to maintain proper posture, alignment, and range of motion during these exercises. This lack of real-time feedback and guidance leaves room for potential mistakes that can lead to injuries or diminish the effectiveness of the workout. Hence, there is a need for a reliable and accessible solution that can provide instant feedback and corrective guidance to individuals performing free-weights exercises, ensuring their safety, and optimizing the results they achieve. 

Our Innovation

ERICA is a powerful digital personal trainer designed specifically for individuals engaging in free weights exercises. What sets ERICA apart are its two distinct advantages: 

First and foremost, unlike previous approaches that rely on multiple on-body wearables or complex sensing infrastructure, ERICA leverages a single in-ear "earable" device, which conveniently integrates with the common form factor already used by millions of gym enthusiasts. Additionally, a simple inertial sensor is attached to each weight equipment, ensuring accurate data capture. 

Moreover, ERICA goes beyond the traditional focus on quantifying workouts. It excels in its ability to identify various nuanced exercising mistakes in real-time, delivering on-the-spot corrective instructions. By providing immediate, in-situ feedback, ERICA empowers users to improve their technique and maximize the effectiveness of their workouts like never before. 

Experience the next generation of fitness training with ERICA, where precision, convenience, and real-time guidance merge to optimise your free weights exercises. 



The benefits offered by our real-time mistake detection and corrective feedback on free-weights exercise are: 

  • It uses a simple, cost-effective, and unobtrusive approach to identify mistakes in exercise execution and provision of corrective feedback. 
  • Able to integrate to other quantifiable fitness monitoring capabilities. 
  • Extensible to personalise coaching available from a "virtual trainer". 
  • Gyms and activity centers can provide low-cost personalised feedback to users. 
  • Increased customer engagement and improved retention rates 
  • Opportunity for mobile and wearable app developers to integrate gym activity into upcoming wellness and healthy living apps. 



Potential applications for ERICA can include: 

  • Gym and fitness centers where users have access to affordable digital trainer to guide, track their workouts and receive corrective feedback, enhancing their overall fitness experience. 
  • Corporate wellness programs where companies can incorporate ERICA into their wellness initiatives, offering employees a convenient and personalized fitness solution. 
  • Virtual training platforms: Online fitness platforms and virtual training programs can leverage the digital personal trainer application to provide interactive and guided workouts to their users.  
  • Home Fitness: Individuals who prefer working out at home can benefit from the digital personal trainer application, accessing professional guidance and feedback without the need for a physical trainer.  

If you're interested in this technology, please contact KTC.