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With increasing attention on healthy eating habits, there is still a lack of tools to motivate, personalise and provide timely support to those who need it in the general population. Healthy eating reduces the risk of chronic diseases, enhancing overall well-being. Personalized guidance considers preferences and dietary restrictions for long-term adherence as well as helping to prevent diet-related diseases. With more personalized and timely support, it can motivate individuals to sustain healthy eating habits. 

Our Innovation

Introducing Foodbot, a mobile or mHealth app that utilises chatbot technology for goal-oriented just-in-time (JIT) interventions to promote healthy eating habits. Accessible via Google Assistant, Foodbot offers a user-friendly interface through natural language (voice command, free text inputs) to simplify dietary self-tracking. It leverages a food knowledge graph for services like food recommendations and goal-tracking. By aligning with evidence-based dietary guidelines, Foodbot helps users set realistic healthy eating goals and provides personalized actionable feedback to support their progress. The Foodbot framework leverages open-source data, tools, and platforms to create a practical mHealth solution aimed at supporting a healthy eating lifestyle in the general population. 


The benefits derived from this innovation are as follows: 

  • The benefits inferred from this write-up include: 
  • Motivate and personalize user towards healthy eating habits. 
  • Improved overall well-being by following evidence-based dietary guidelines and individuals can improve their health outcomes and prevent diet-related diseases. 
  • Encourage long-term adherence by providing tailored recommendations and support, individuals are more likely to sustain their dietary goals over time. 


The solution is applicable to the wellness and healthcare industry in both public and private sectors. Foodbot encourages general citizens or even corporations who care for the well-being of their employees to use Foodbot to promote healthy living through diets supported by timely and personalised recommendations.   

If you're interested in this technology, please contact KTC.