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Identifying skills mentioned in a job advertisement is crucial for both job seekers and employers. For job seekers, it helps align qualifications with the position, increasing their chances of being shortlisted. Employers benefit by attracting suitable candidates, streamlining the hiring process, and making better hiring decisions. For agencies, public or private, that are tasked to provide job matching services, it optimizes recruitment practices and ensures a good fit between candidates and job requirements. 


Our Innovation

skillER is an innovative digital tool to extract mentions about skills from job advertisements accurately and efficiently. The approach relies on state-of-the-art Deep Learning based Natural Language Programming (NLP) techniques to detect and extract skill mentions with good accuracy. With its advanced algorithms, it can accurately identify and highlight relevant skills, providing valuable insights for both job seekers and employers. The Application Programming Interface (API) goes beyond mere extraction by providing a confidence score for each mentioned skill, enabling users to gauge the reliability and importance of the identified skills. Additionally, the seamless integration offered by skillER API allows for easy implementation into existing codebases, making it an efficient and user-friendly solution for skill mention extraction in job ads. 


The benefits derived from skillER are as follows: 

  • Accurate and efficient skill mentions extraction.  
  • Valuable insights provided for job seekers and employers; as well as job matching service providers. 
  • Confidence score for skill mentions. This allows users to assess the reliability and importance of the identified skills, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the skill requirements in job advertisements. 
  • skillER API offers seamless integration into existing codebases, making it user-friendly and easy to implement.
  • Natural Language Programme (NLP) technique based solution.  


The technology is applicable but not limited to Human Resources, Education and Skill Development.
Automated skill mention extraction empowers: 

  • Job Advertising / Recruitment companies to offer better services to their customers by knowing the skill mentions extracted for different jobs. 
  • Educational institutions & Skill Training centres to understand the current skill trends of the market for different job roles and tailor their courses accordingly. 
  • HR Professionals to search potential candidates effectively by understanding the skill requirements for a job across different companies in a given market. 

If you're interested in this technology, please contact KTC.