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Lean LaunchPad Final Presentation Day

Tuesday May 21,2019 | IIE News


Held at SMU on 21 May, the Lean LaunchPad (LLP) Final Presentation Day was filled with new and innovative ideas aimed at solving real world challenges. 12 teams had presented their research on a wide range of technologies under the ICT and Engineering Track.

Here are teams who made it to to the NTU Run 3/ SMU Run 1 Lean LaunchPad Final Presentation Day:

ICT Track

HuuveAnalyses publicly available information sources to obtain sentiment scores on companies

IndoorLoc Systems : IndoorLoc uses the enterprise Wi-Fi networks to help businesses understand how people move through their spaces.

RPA Systems: RPA System seeks to design a free RPA solution that overcomes routine work and repeated processes for end users.

sBOX: sBOX is developing a patented technology for scalable and efficient sharing of encrypted data in the cloud

Engineering Track

ANOR: Non-destructive identification of illicit drugs and explosives using THz and AI technologies

AuroraFood: We make sweet choices easy by providing people healthy indulgence

AZO: Transparent and deformable conductive paper

Bean Quest: Towards a sustainable material revolution

FasRaP: A 'double-sided tape' approach for structural strengthening using FRP

Graphene: Graphene-based solution for high power energy storage

NutrACrunch: The future of food with 3D printed personalised nutrition

SafeLight: Visible Light Disinfection System 

About Lean LaunchPad: LLP is a market validation programme for early stage technologies, with NUS as the central node and partner institutions SMU, NTU, and SUTD as satellite nodes. The programme integrates the efforts, talents, and capabilities of our universities with experienced industry practitioners, investors, and entrepreneurship educators to help researchers learn about technology commercialisation through customer discovery and market validation on the potential use of their innovations. 

More info could be found here


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