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As Southeast Asia's first and only student venture fund-cum-training programme, Protégé Ventures (PV) nurtures future tech-savvy entrepreneurial leaders through hands-on venture capital training and extensive network building.

The programme equips students with the necessary skills and mindset to conquer the world of venture capital and navigate disruptive economies.

Protégé Ventures is seeking talented individuals like you to join our 2024 team of student analysts. We invite highly motivated undergraduate and postgraduate students from all universities as well as students from all polytechnics in Singapore keen to break into the venture capital space to join us!

  • Hands-on Learning: PV provides a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship, allowing students to apply classroom knowledge to real-world investment scenarios.
  • Invest Real Capital: You can invest real capital of up to SGD50,000 into promising student venture startups!
  • Networking Opportunities for Jobs and Internships: Students can connect with industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and fellow investors, expanding their professional network and gaining valuable insights into the startup ecosystem.
  • Access to Cutting-Edge Ideas: Get the chance to explore innovative ideas and emerging technologies, gaining exposure to groundbreaking startups and potentially disruptive ventures.
  • Entrepreneurial Exposure: PV exposes students to the entrepreneurial mindset, helping them understand the challenges and opportunities involved in building and scaling a business.

SMU students can now clear their credit-bearing internship requirement* through their time and work done at Protégé Ventures! 

*Contact us for more details or enquiries.

To get firsthand information on the launch of our recruitment, join the Protégé Ventures Early Interest Form here.

For more information, please visit the official Protégé Ventures website here.

Protégé Ventures has released its 2023 Singapore Student Startup Ecosystem Report. Read the report here to discover the extensive opportunities for innovation and enterprise within tertiary education institutes.

Application Information

For more information, please contact Lu Yi (


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