I&E Scholars

Meet the Scholars (AY20/21)

Lee Jin Yang (LinkedIn)
Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Class of 2023
Recipient of Alvin Poh Endowed Scholarship

"My path as an entrepreneur started when I was young. Inspired by my father and his friends’ business, I decided to work towards becoming an entrepreneurial businessman as well.

Today, I have found my passion in restoring, fixing, and selling old film cameras. As an avid photographer and artist, I have always been intrigued by the bells and whistles of each camera, which was what drove me to start my own little business dealing with the usage of analogue cameras and film! These are gems that I believe should be well taken care of and treasured, as they are remnants of the past that remind us of the simpler days!"

Qianying Lim

Lim Qian Ying (LinkedIn)
Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Class of 2022
Recipient of Dr Doreen Tan Endowed Entrepreneurship Scholarship

"My greatest focus and drive in business is people. I hope to initiate a project that plays with the concept of productivity and leisure in the near future, using technology to assist us in reaching our targets. It is my belief that there is more to life aside from the hustle and tech will be our butler to see to that."

Chan Bijing

Chan Bi Jing (LinkedIn)
School of Business and Accounting, Class of 2023
Recipient of SMU Entrepreneur Endowed Scholarship

"I love drawing and creating beautiful canvases of self-expression using color pencils and watercolor. I would often make handmade name stickers and cards for my friends for their birthdays. After A’levels, I started selling them on Carousell, Instagram and Facebook (@cutelittleprint) as I wanted to take my passion to the next step. Since then, I have been expanding the types of products I sell such as digital artwork and selling them on various channels such as Etsy to expand into the international market."

Val Chua

Valerie Chua Yan Tong (LinkedIn)
Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Class of 2023
Recipient of Gary Kunis Scholarship in Entrepreneurship and Technopreneurship

Trained in the humanities with developing business acumen, Valerie is passionate about harnessing both technology and community networks to drive social progress. To that end, she has founded several educational NGO initiatives and a digital mental health marketplace.

Currently, she is incubating her startup company at the BIG Incubator as a recipient of the IIE Acceleration Grant.

Vanessa Su

Vanessa Su Si Ying (LinkedIn)
School of Information Systems, Class of 2023
Recipient of Gary Kunis Scholarship in Entrepreneurship and Technopreneurship

"Being an entrepreneur is not a job, it's a journey and a lifestyle. It has changed my life completely where I found simple joys in getting orders and learnt to get back up on my feet during challenging times. It has definitely not been easy, but it has been rewarding, especially with the support of my family and friends.I encourage everyone to try and start something. It doesn't matter how small or big your idea, it only takes a spark to start a fire and what is not started will never get finished."


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