Ideation Grant

Ideation Grant


IIE supports various SMU courses that teach our students innovation and entrepreneurship by doing. These courses place a strong emphasis on allowing the students to go through the process of ideation, market validation and finally prototyping. This experiential learning approach gives students a valuable hands-on opportunity to innovating and the testing of their entrepreneurial ideas, and imbues the entrepreneurial mindset.

Student teams in these courses are supported via the Ideation Grant. Each team will receive funding of up to S$1000.00 that can be used for the purpose of market validating their ideas, testing and even developing their prototypes.


SMU courses need to fulfil the following requirements in order to be considered for funding support under the Ideation Grant.

1. Relevant courses that teach innovation and/or entrepreneurship through hands-on projects

2. Course learning outcomes are aligned and complementary to IIE’s intended outcomes

3. IIE has access to course documents and students’ final reports/assessments for accountability and auditing purposes


For more information on the Ideation Grant, please contact Tay Chin Lim (cltay [at] or Lim Sze Hui (szehuilim [at]


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