Business Innovations Generator FAQs



1) How do I apply for incubation?
Please send your pitch deck (< 2MB in PDF or PPT) to

2) Does IIE take equity for incubation?
No we do not take equity.

3) What support does IIE offer?
IIE has an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR), Ms Shirley Wong, who is a successful entrepreneur and investor. Startups can meet the EiR every month for consultation and updates. IIE also has a pool of accomplished mentors from various industries who will be mentoring you as you build your startup. We also have a compulsory masterclass series that brings founders through the fundamental topics of starting up. Most importantly, a community of entrepreneurs who will be hustling alongside you!

SMU students (both undergraduates and postgraduates) and alumni are eligible for the IIE Acceleration Grant of $10,000. The startup will have to pitch to an independent panel before they can get the grant. Alternatively, SMU IIE is also an Accredited Mentor Partner (AMP) of Enterprise Singapore which allows us to nominate startups for the $30,000 SG Founder Grant.



1) I graduated from SMU. Can I join the incubation programme?
Yes of course! Drop us your pitch deck at

2) Am I allowed to work full-time outside?
At least one founder from the startup must be a full-time founder.

3) I’m interested in entrepreneurship but have not decided on what to startup yet. Can I join IIE events?
Definitely! You can join our Telegram channel at for updates on our events.




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