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The Second Beijing and Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Friday Mar 17,2017

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The Second Beijing and Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2017 BTSC Second Beijing-Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
- Strong Concentration of Projects

Contest information:

Preliminary | Online Review   

Rematch | 6/1 (4) Landing road show

Finals|late August, Beijing Finals

Vision Yucheng held the first contest of 2016 and ended up successfully. Thanks to the support of the major nurturing centers and all walks of life, the Beijing-Taiwan contest became the annual concern of the cross-strait entrepreneurial community! In 2017, we will upgrade the level and scale of the event. We must discover young entrepreneurs who are passionate, dreaming, dare to fight, and full of fighting spirit, as long as you have unlimited creativity, magic ideas or a wonderful business plan, innovative business. Mode, we help you create your own generation!

The total award is worth NT$10 million! Come and join this annual event! Come with your quality project and participate in the semi-finals. We will lead you to the Beijing finals!


The resources obtained through the semi-finals of the finals of the Beijing Finals are as follows :

1. The selected team will be provided by the Vision Group for systematic training and coaching courses (courses/locations to be announced)

2. The top three will record the corporate image film for free.

3. Go to Beijing to train and train the participating Taiwan team, free Beijing round-trip airfare + hotel accommodation + living allowance (two for each team)

4. the award-winning team of the finals, will receive the total value of 4 Wan to 10 yuan (equivalent to about 18 million to NT $ 450,000), ranging from entrepreneurial / start breeding program, such as the Beijing office to provide station, two weeks Free services such as free accommodation, entrepreneurial living allowance, company establishment, and 1-year address registration are available for free for ~2 months.

In case of irresistible factors, the organizer reserves the right to modify the activity process and content at any time and the final interpretation right.


Enterprise group registration

Enterprise group registration time: From now until April 15, 2017 (details please refer to the attachment)

Business group rematch list announced: May 8, 2017


New creation group registration

New creation group registration time: From now until March 31, 2017

The second session of the Beijing-Beijing Competition will be co-organized with the "Entrepreneurial Student Group" of the "Twelfth Warring States National Campus Entrepreneurship Competition". The relevant measures are subject to the announcement of the official website of the Warring States Policy .


For more information on the competition, please visit

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Beijing-Taiwan Competition Group.

Contact Email: btscofficial [at] 

Tel: 02-22578866 Zhou Meihui Extension 707, Lin Yizhen Extension 706



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