Unistop Tech

Unistop Tech provides an automation vending store system that is based on robotic and information technology to save rental and manpower cost.

Sealed is a B2B learning company, a tech-enabled expert network platform that connects organisations.

A seamless mobile application platform between customers and food stall owners to transact healthier pre-cooked food.

Credit card for freelancers in Asia
Freelancers struggle to access credit cards and personal loans because of the absence of monthly payslips. We create a tailored credit score for them to enable easier access to credit.

Leads generation CRM platform that enables convenient and cost-effective ways for B2B sales.

ØRBIT-animal offers an innovative smart device that is able to detect vital health signals of animals by leveraging biosensors, and a community among caretakers, animals and vets which helps to monitor animal health as well as educate caretakers on how to better manage their pet's health.

Paladium attempts to redefine the consumer-marketing analytics landscape by harnessing the power of proprietary consumer big data to increase relevant conversions for B2C merchants.

Vita is the first platform, that lets companies sort through applications by referee-assessed values, instead of resumes.

 Designing, Developing & Selling all-Electric motorcycles in 110-250cc segment for Southeast Asia

Sekoni Original is a start-up in the watch industry. Our mission is to inspire individualism through personalised fashion.

Captive Live+ is an E-commerce (EC) live streaming integrated service platform focused on bringing interactive shopper experience to increase sales conversions for brands on EC platforms.

Fluidlytix Asia is a water tech company that aims to help clients reach a sustainable level of water consumption and lower water bills.

All-in-one platform for consumers to discover top hair and beauty salons in Singapore


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