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SMU-INTELLLEX Legal Tech Workshop 2017

Wednesday Sep 27,2017

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The ​legal ​industry ​is ​widely ​seen ​to ​be ​conservative ​and ​traditional. ​Practice ​methods ​and ​customer ​experience ​has ​barely ​changed ​over ​the ​past ​few ​decades. ​Law ​firms ​are ​generally ​seen ​as ​being ​risk ​averse ​and ​they ​face ​weaker ​cost-cutting ​incentives ​than ​other ​professions (since ​they ​pass ​disbursements ​directly ​to ​their ​client). ​Consequently, ​law ​firms ​have ​been ​generally ​insulated ​from ​technology ​adoption. 

With ​improvements ​in ​A.I. ​and ​machine ​learning, ​companies ​are ​trying ​to ​influence ​the ​traditional ​legal ​practice ​by ​developing ​online ​software ​that ​reduces ​or ​in ​some ​cases ​eliminates ​the ​need ​to ​consult ​a ​lawyer, ​or ​by ​connecting ​people ​with ​lawyers ​more ​efficiently ​through ​online ​marketplaces ​and ​lawyer-matching ​websites. 

​There ​is ​now a greater need ​for ​law ​students ​to ​be ​aware ​of ​these ​changes. Our very own SMU alumni from INTELLLEX has organised a ​legal ​tech ​workshop ​aimed ​at ​improving ​students’ ​awareness.

In addition, INTELLLEX will also be conducting a briefing titled “Exploring Tech and Internships with Legal Tech Startups” for those who are interested to join them as an intern in December 2017. They have been recognised as one of the approved companies for the SMU internship program. In short, an internship in INTELLLEX will contribute to the 10-week graduation requirement. 

Participants are also free to engage speakers to learn more about the various opportunities available in this field.


Details of the events are as follows:

Date – 6 October 2017 (Friday)

Time - 4pm to 9pm

Venue - SMU University Lounge (Admin Building)

Dress Code - Casual


The legal tech workshop is free for SMU Students/Staff and $35 for non-SMU participants.


And yes, light refreshments will be provided, so please drop by to attend this session! 

Sign-ups are closing soon, so do not miss out on this chance, and quickly sign up in the link below!




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