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Frank Lee

Managing Director, Jumpstart Disruptive Innovations

Frank Lee is Partner in TNF Ventures since 2012, a seed-stage investment firm which has 20 portfolio companies, most of which have raised Series A/B investments, or are exited. He has a good network and understanding of the tech start-up ecosystem and fund/grant environment in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Frank started Jumpstart Disruptive Innovations (JDI) in 2016, a venture catalyst based between Singapore and Vietnam. JDI first focused on helping fast-scaling Series A/B/C tech companies scale their 2nd tech teams in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It has since diversified into other services including Tech (Web2 / Web3), Talent (Recruitment, HR, Internship), Launch (market expansion, corporate services) Venture (corporation innovation, venture-building), and Capital (Investment and advisory). JDI as a group has over 250 headcounts in 6 offices across 2 cities in Vietnam.


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