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Rain Khoo

Founder, Dignité Brands

With 20 years of experience in branding, design, consumer goods and eCommerce space, Rain was the youngest Design Director at P&G Asia. He went on to co-found two consumer goods start-ups, and led product development at Rainforest, a leading Amazon eCommerce aggregator. He has worked across APAC, China, US and European markets in the areas of Home Goods, Babycare, Consumer Healthcare & Functional Foods. He is a seasoned Design Thinking practitioner and pulls out "aha" moments of consumer insights, merging them with business model creation and product innovation for new revenue streams.

Back in 2008, a Fellowship with D.light, a Series-E social entrepreneurship start-up, brought him to the villages of India and left a deep impression. Rain finally set up Dignité Brands to work with brands and businesses for social impact. He co-founded, a resource site for the transgender community that has been archived by the National Archives of Singapore for cultural significance. He is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consultant. In his appointments, he has managed diversity as part of corporate culture and delivered superior business performance as a result. He has written on inclusion for the Birthday Book, Q Chamber and curated content for the Associated Press, SCMP and Rice Media. He is part of the founding team of the P&G Alumni in Singapore, a non-profit organisation.


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