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KTC Feature: Revolutionise e-Commerce Shopping and Pricing Strategies with Machine Learning

Monday Jun 24,2024 | IIE News



ecommerce shopping


Consumers, marketplace providers, business entities, pricing managers on eCommerce platforms all have a common nightmare! Are they getting or offering the most competitive price in the eCommerce marketplace? Where to find price arbitrage or prevent price arbitrage opportunities?

The innovative technology establishes an end-to-end automated pipeline in the matching architecture including image based, integrating machine learning models and a human-in-the-loop process. This iterative approach yields improved results over time, delivering enhanced business value.


Benefits for Everyone in the E-commerce Ecosystem:

✅  Consumers: Find the best deals and price watch with ease!

✅  Retailers: Source products for maximum profit.

✅  Manufacturers: Reduce price arbitrage and gain market insights. ️

✅  Data Providers: Gather the most relevant data and streamline processes.


Our cutting-edge technology uses:

✔  Machine Learning: Faster recommendations & information access. ⚡

✔  Automated Matching: Identify identical products across platforms.

✔  Multi-pronged Searches: Deliver the best possible results every time.


This is a game-changer for the E-commerce world!

If your organization wants to learn more about this technology and explore licensing opportunities, please feel free to reach out Jay @ KTC [at]!

Read more about this technology: Web-Scale Discovery and Integration of Comparative Product Offers

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