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Proposal for online platform that assigns caretakers to the elderly bags $50,000 prize

Friday May 20,2016

Tags :  caretaker, startup, founder, business, grant, winner, homage, smu, singapore management university, sutd, singapore university of technology and design, innovation challenge, create4good challenge, home care professionals

Current IIE startup, Mr Tong Nhat Duong from Team Homage won $50,000 in a recent research innovation, "Create4Good Challenge" comprised of four students from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Singapore Management University (SMU) 

Mr Huey Nguyen (left) and Mr Tong Nhat Duong at the Create4Good Challenge, which encourages the development of solutions that cultivates a more inclusive and caring Singapore society.PHOTO: AZIZ HUSSIN FOR THE STRAITS TIMES

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