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Kwanpen Postgraduate Summer Venture Awardee: Wei Qiluo

Thursday Aug 26,2021 | IIE News


Name: Wei Qiluo

Major / Course of Study: Masters of Science in Innovation (MI) at SMU

Tell us a little bit more about your startup & what you were working on this summer.   

My start-up Lokotopia is dedicated to help local brands get ready for overseas expansion. From product-market fit all the way to fundraising, we provide customers a one-stop service with a very low initial cost, efficient work and flexibility to achieve their goals.

How has the Kwanpen Postgraduate Summer Venture Award benefitted you so far?

The Kwanpen Postgraduate Summer Venture Award scholarship has benefitted me a lot! Beyond financial support, the resources and mentorship provided are extremely valuable. As I reflect on these past 10 weeks, I cannot imagine where I would be without my mentor’s guidance.

I would recommend the Summer Venture Award to other student entrepreneurs because...

I’d strongly recommend this summer venture program because as a newbie entrepreneur, it’s akin to being dropped in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I started out pretty lost, but this program provided all kinds of experts and mentors when I encountered difficulties. The mentors are really the best part of this program! They are true experts and successful business leaders with a wide network and rich knowledge. They are more than willing to help and guide you wholeheartedly and even take time out of their busy schedule. This was an eye-opening experience for me as I never thought a first-time entrepreneur like myself would be so well supported by someone of such a high caliber. My mentors also gave me courage, confidence, and motivation to keep working hard. I highly recommend this program! I would also like to express my deepest thanks to JinZhou and Raymond for their help. If you ever have a chance to join in this program, go look for JinZhou. She is the warmest person on earth 😊 .

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