SMU Brand Hackathon


Brand Hackathon 2021

Brand Hackathon

Are you a founder looking to enhance your brand story?
Are you a founder looking to enhance your brand story?
The 2 day Brand Hackathon brings together consumer companies and award winning marketing experts to co-create compelling brand stories.

When: 9 - 10 April 2021
Where: Singapore Management University

Target Participants

  • Early-stage Business to consumer (B2C) startups incubated at BIG 

Key Takeaways

  • Be able to enhance the essence of your brand story
  • Be able to elevate your brand materials
  • Be able to stay relevant to your target audience


Programme Mentors

Curriculum Directors: Christina Lim

Christina Lim

Christina Lim 

Chief Marketing Officer-in-Residence,
SMU Institute of Innovation Entrepreneurship;

Founder and Principal,
Chrisspeak Pte Ltd

Application Information


  1. Are non-SMU students allowed to sign-up?
    Yes. Brand Hackathon is open to non-SMU affiliated founders/organizations.

  2. I do not know how to design my own graphics, can I still participate in the Brand Hackathon?
    Yes. Besides having our curriculum director impart foundational skills of building a brand and overseeing the conceptualization of your brand collaterals, a dedicated designer will be assigned to each team to assist in actualizing the collaterals.

  3. What is the selection criteria in shortlisting teams?

    • Teams must fall under the target participant categories
    • Company must demonstrate clear need for brand mentorship
    • Founders must be open minded and coachable
  4. What should I include in my company pitch deck?
    Marketing and branding strategies are developed with the company's business model in mind. Hence more information about the company would be useful in developing a compelling brand story. The following are details that we recommend to include:

    • Mission/vision of company
    • The Problem
    • The Solution
    • The Market Opportunity
    • The Product
    • The Customers
    • The Technology
    • The Competition
    • Traction
    • Business Model
    • The Team
    • The branding and marketing plan
    • What do you aim to achieve from the Brand Hackathon
    • What are the 3 most important brand related questions that you would like to ask the trainers
  5. Can I bring my marketing lead instead of my co-founder?
    No, the Brand Hackathon is only open to company founders.

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