The Asia Private Equity Club @ SMU (APECS)

The Asia Private Equity Club @ SMU (APECS) is the first intra-varsity club in Singapore that focuses specifically on venture capital and private equity, helping to bridge the gap between our members and industry professionals in the finance industry.

Our vision is to create a tight-knitted community full of passionate individuals who have picked up valuable skill-sets that would help them thrive in the private markets, throughout their time with APECS. We hope to imbue in our members a keen sense of camaraderie, competence and community.


What Do We Offer?

  • A comprehensive curriculum for our members to acquire the necessary technical skills
  • Networking opportunities for our members to gain an edge in finding internships and full time employment.
  • Our members have the opportunity to plan or participate in external case competitions

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Case Competitions Organised By APECS

Venture Capital Case Competition (VCCC)
The Venture Capital Case Competition (VCCC) is the first undergraduate venture capital-focused case competition in Southeast Asia.

The competition is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students from universities across Singapore, offering a great platform for student teams to explore the Southeast Asian venture capital (VC) scene, analyse and evaluate potential start-ups in Singapore, and interact with top academic and industry talents.

Private Equity Case Competition (PECC)
The Private Equity Case Competition (PECC) is held annually by APECS and is open to all undergraduate and graduate students from all universities across the world.

In this competition, teams will have to pitch and model a mock leveraged buyout or growth capital injection on a real-life company, providing a great platform for student teams to explore the private equity scene. Participants gain an opportunity to analyse and evaluate potential buyouts of companies, and interact with top academic and industry talents.



  Subcommittee Members General Members
Requirements • Undergraduate students of SMU
• Pass Case + Interview Rounds
Undergraduate and postgraduate students of SMU
Fee $20 one-time club fee $20 one-time club fee
Term 1 year Membership ceases upon graduation from SMU
Curriculum Full access to materials and classes -
Networking Sessions Will be invited to all networking sessions Will be invited to 1 networking session per semester (Established Players)
Alumni Chat Full access -
Case Competitions Mentorship from exco for participation + the opportunity to plan -


Interested applicants may write in to: apec [at]


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