Proposal Submission

Applicants for the competition must submit a one-page executive summary and  a slideshow of not more than 20 pages and a video presentation of max. 5 min. Besides, teams are required to fill out the required information in the competition system. The judge is not required to read more than 20 slides. The organising committee has the right to disqualify presentations exceeding the maximum length.

Slide presentation format Guidelines:

  • 20 slides
  • PDF file
  • Files should be named according to the following format: CompanyName_UniversityName.pdf
  • Max size: 10 MB
  • Line spacing: 1.5
  • Recommended typeface: Times New Roman, Helvetica or Courier in font size 12, or Arial 11 point, or similar


Video Presentation:

Teams should upload their video to youtube, and paste the link into the appropriate filed in the competition system. 


The slide presentation should answer the following questions:

Innovativeness of Business Idea

  • Uniqueness of Idea and how differentiated it is from those products or services that satisfy the same / similar needs of customers
  • Is your product a Pain reliever or a Gain creator for your customer


  • What will be the customer acquisition strategy
  • How will you structure the organization to deliver the market opportunity

Social Impact

  • How big is the problem
  • Number of people who would be impacted
  • What is the value delivered

Comprehensiveness of Business Plan

  • Scalability
    • What Markets and customer segments will you target
    • What is the size of the market opportunity
    • Is the market easily accessible
    • What will it take to scale the business
  • Competitive Positioning
    • Competitive landscape locally and internationally
    • Why should the customer buy your product or service?


  • What investments are required to launch the business (product / service)
  • How much will customers be willing to pay for this product or service
  • What will it take for the business to break even
  • How much of funding will be required
  • How will the funds be used


  • Growth Strategy for Internationalisation
    • Which international markets have you identified for launching your product / service in – Why?
    • What is your market entry and growth strategy
  • Challenges to market entry and possible solutions

The top 10 teams from each category progressing to the Semi-Finals will be announced by 28 February 2017



Mentor Matching cum Boot Camp

All semi-finalist teams will be assigned a mentor to help them further develop and refine their business plan proposal. Teams will be introduced to their respective mentors on Wednesday, 15 March 2017 and have an intensive face-to-face coaching session. Additional private sessions may be arranged between the mentor & team for continued coaching.

Further details will be sent to all semi-finalists.



Final Round

The Final Round Presentations & Award Presentation Ceremony will be held on Saturday, 1 April 2017.

Each team will be given a total of 20 minutes (including time for Q&A from the judges). 

Presentation time

10 minutes


10 minutes

The Awards Presentation Ceremony will be held right after the final presentation.



IE Singapore Internationalisation Award

IE Singapore is sponsoring a special prize on internationalisation. 




Winners of this Competition stand to win the following:


Junior Prize Category
(All Secondary Schools)
Winner $2,500
Best Innovation Award (Business) $1,000
Best Innovation Award (Technology) $1,000
Best Social Impact Award $1,000
Best Go-to-Market Award $1,000
Most Comprehensive Business Plan Award $1,000
IE Singapore Internationalisation Award $1,000


Senior Prize Category
(Junior College, ITE and Centralised Institute)
Winner $4,000
Best Innovation Award (Business) $1,500
Best Innovation Award (Technology) $1,500
Best Social Impact Award $1,500
Best Go-to-Market Award $1,500
Most Comprehensive Business Plan Award $1,500
IE Singapore Internationalisation Award $1,500




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