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Meet the 27 New Incubatees of Sep 2020 Cohort

Monday Nov 09,2020 | IIE News

Download the cohort info of the startups here.



BabyBox is a convenience-focused subscription box that aims to help new parents have an easier transition into parenthood by providing the necessary information and necessities for their child at each checkpoint.



Be-Co. is a Proptech company building an A.I. driven, property ownership app for homeowners, investors, and estate managers, providing real time updates, transparent data and actionable insights on the housing market.


BerryHelps is a one-stop platform for young adults globally to access health education and wellness solutions. BerryHelps offers flat-rate advice, publishes happiness research, curates a selection of products, and partners NGOs for local health and education resource mapping.


BizDoDo is a dedicated app for users to subscribe, receive, read, search and manage newsletters, connecting business (brands) and users.


BoundbyWine is a wine ecommerce with an interactive algorithm that helps wine lovers identify their perfect wine for every occasion, based on their past wine diary inputs.


Calibrate is an online platform in the wellness industry where users can search and book for experts (eg: Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, TCM, Sports Massage Therapists) for their back, neck or shoulder issues.

Craft Tea Fox

Craft Tea Fox is an Internet-based lifestyle beverage brand making craft Matcha and Hojicha.

Crunch Cutlery

Crunch Cutlery (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Edible Creations LLP) is a social enterprise startup dedicated to making healthier eating easy and fun by providing an innovative way to consume healthy foods while reducing plastic waste from single-use plastic cutlery.


dateideas is a mobile app SaaS-enabled marketplace which allows couples to book a variety of curated couple packages from merchants, while integrating SaaS features which improve the quality of their dates and relationships in the long-run.


F&B Snack company that offers vegetable chips using vacuum frying technique to preserve the core benefits of the product.



HelloHolo is an Immersive Media consultancy firm that specialises in developing Mixed Reality solutions.


HYVHR is holistic people management software built for the 21st century employee, as the "digital wallet" of employee data. The solution focuses on gathering, unlocking and using employee data.


Kinobi is a digital mentoring platform that provides education, access to networks and branding to get you to your dream career.


Kura-kura is a mobile app for youths and young adults in Asia to take control over their mental health through gamifying reflections.


LevelUp is a MMORPG educational platform that engages students, parents and teachers through content delivery method - incorporating tested-and-proven pedagogies with the aid of an adaptive learning algorithm that caters to diverse learning styles and paces, complemented by psychometric tests.


Mobbin provides a comprehensive curated collection of screenshots from real / shipped mobile applications (e.g. Airbnb, Netflix, TikTok, etc) that helps product designers find relevant design inspiration and solutions when conducting UI & UX research.


MyKaki is a new innovative digital freight forwarder that helps the modern business owner and individual manage their shipping process effortlessly through a digitalised and simplified process.


Finance SaaS provider, featuring a flexible digital financial services platform which can be multi-purposed to support any type of financial institution, e.g. digital banks, financial houses, leasing companies, pawnbrokers, etc.


An one-stop cloud-based B2B e-procurement and sponsorship web and app platform that lists food and beverages, corporate gifts, supply materials, and rental services at bulk/charity/corporate discounts and in-kind sponsorship.

The Lady’s Lair

The Lady’s Lair is a customised solution & fun community to help women achieve their dream body & lifestyle by "gamifying" women's experience through online and offline channels, primarily in the health-set category.


Tone is a cloud-based Digital Audio workstation platform, used for recording, editing and producing audio files. With a host of tools available to all users, professionals or amateurs.

Tree of Prosperity

For Singaporeans who want to get out of the rat race, the Early Retirement Masterclass by Tree of Prosperity assist users in building their first Singapore stock portfolio to get dividends in their bank account with the ultimate aim of achieving early retirement within a decade.


UV-Botics is a deep tech startup that combines telepresence robotic technology with medical grade UV sanitization to help effectively and economically sanitize large indoor spaces and help people get back to normal in a post-COVID world. They offer a turnkey solution with robot operations, deployment, support and training at just ⅓ the price of their closest competitor.


Vyobotics offers the world's first modular plug & play health care robots, where hospitals can buy plug and play affordable modules such as disinfectant and interaction devices ranging from $1000 to $200000, instead of purchasing a whole robot.


The 1st shared Blockchain Computing platform. The XTblock platform is a one-stop resource for DApp developers. It allows users to unleash their creativity with decentralised solutions – affordably and without limitations.

Yes Doctor

Based in Myanmar, Yes Doctor is a comprehensive telehealth platform connecting patients and employees to a network of trusted healthcare providers, by bridging offline & online patient journeys.

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