BIG offers a comprehensive support system so that founders can focus on what matters: building and scaling a great product. Startups can tap into a downtown co-working space, a team of high-powered mentors, masterclasses, sharing sessions, founders update, and most importantly equity-free support and financing for incubatees.


Kickstart and scale your operations with governmental and private financial support. BIG incubatees have access to various funding options such as the Startup SG Founder Grant, IIE Acceleration Grant, HSBC-SMU Sustainability Grant and more.

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BIG is a mentorship-driven programme that provide targeted access to industry knowledge, connections, and experience to help your startups to grow. Our network of mentors comprises of seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts, and some government officials that contribute to our community.

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Grow your business and avoid common pitfalls with exclusive access to theoretical and practical knowledge. BIG's curriculum and pedagogy is designed to empower founders with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

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Housed within the glass bridge that links SMU Connexion and School of Law, The Greenhouse is now the new home for BIG’s founders. The incubator is located within the SMU Connexion, a new 5-storey building with collaborative space for students to work with faculty, practitioners and external stakeholders to solve real-world problems from diverse fields. Situated right in front of the Fort Canning Tunnel, this space aims to be the iconic downtown landmark for local and international innovators and entrepreneurs to learn and share knowledge about innovation and Singapore and in the region. BIG’s co-working space is located at the heart of downtown and is directly connected to 2 train lines and multiple bus stops. There are meeting rooms, discussion areas, printing facilities and more to support their day-to-day operations.

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At BIG, we look for awesome founders, not awesome ideas at the onset. Join BIG's coaching heavy and founder-centric programmes that are tailored to various stages and needs of entrepreneurs.


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