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Go!Places, Wins Best Startup Silver Award at SiTF Awards 2014

Thursday Oct 09,2014 | Incubator News

Go!Places an IIE incubate, recently won the Silver Award for Best Startup in the prestigious SiTF Awards 2014. This recognition was awarded for their travel app Wotabout, funded by iJam grant hosted by MDA. This is Go!Places second winning in a row after having won the Gold for Interactive Ideas last year for the same project.

Wotabout is a combination of a travel guide and an auto-compiled photo album. From the moment you arrive in a new city, wherever you go it uses GPS to highlight the nearest places of tourist interest. It also records your travels and automatically compiles a location-captioned album of your trip with a single click. The album includes your travel itinerary, photos and also brief information about each place you visited.


Wotabout enhances your vacation experience by:

a) Discovering the city spontaneously rather than having to pre-plan every step. It ensures you miss nothing of interest.
b) Add-on information to your travel album, captions your album photos automatically and ensuring you never forget where you took a particular photo.
c) Shares your vacation itinerary easily with others who want tips about where to go.

The app was conceptualized based on free ranging, an hour-long interview with 122 frequent travelers that share with Go!Places team about their travel habits, preferences and issues. Coupled this with Go!Places own travel experiences from past projects of over 100 cities and travel industry knowledge developed in India and Singapore. Wotabout currently covers 6 locations in Asia mainly Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Bali, Delhi and Bangalore with more to be added over the coming months. For each featuring between 150-300 tourist-relevant points of interest. In Singapore, Wotabout features about 350 points of interest that includes attractions, food, shopping and kids activities.

Building Wotabout was an intense process. The app went through 22 iterations over 7 months before it was launched in April, and another 36 iterations thereafter. In fact, the team spent a month just trying to decide on the right user interface. The guiding principle for Wotabout is to keep things simple and focused. A new user can start getting value from the app with just two taps!

Learn more about Wotabout click here or download the app (Android only) click here


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