WYZchef is a catering marketplace. We make it simple to order food for office events and meetings by offering personalized options suited to your needs, saving your valuable time. Our data-driven approach helps you in analyzing your spends over foods and drinks and helps you in planning better for future events.
Golden Sunland produces high-quality rice through responsible farming methods. From field to table, our rice nurtures your family's health whilst improving our farmer's livelihoods.
MarColl is the new age digital marketing platform for marketers and businesses alike. We match businesses to affordable digital marketing talent in the form of students and freelancers while also offering digital marketing packages to help businesses take their marketing to the next level.

APECS Venture Capital Case Competition (VCCC) is a first of a kind initiative which strives to spark students’ interest in the VC investment process. It is the first venture capital-focused case competition in SEA. It provides a platform for students to evaluate and analyse potential start-ups in the VC scene in SEA, and interact with top academic and industry talents.

The APECS Leveraged Buyout Case Competition 2019 (APECS LBOCC) is a private equity case competition hosted by the Asia Private Equity Club at Singapore Management University (APECS). It offers a great platform for student teams to explore the Asia private equity scene, analyse and evaluate potential buyouts of companies in Asia, and interact with top academic and industry talent.

Ranseur is Manager, Marcomms at the Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IIE), Singapore Management University (SMU). He manages the creative and visual development for the Institute which includes the full spectrum of marketing and communications campaigns and activities.

Sunday Aug 11,2019


Randy Tan of Reddot Pay is a self-made man. A graduate of Singapore Management University, he spent the majority of his corporate career in the financial sector, calling financial giants such as Citibank and Visa his previous learning grounds. By the end of his corporate career, he was the youngest director at VISA as the Director of Consulting for Indochina and Philippines.

Monday Jul 01,2019

Compare successful founders; what do they have in common?

It might be wishful thinking, wanting the secret to success, but unfortunately, it is an instinct that can’t be trained. You either have it or you don’t, it’s the spark and this spark is ineffable.

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and you feel immediately in awe and impressed for some reason or another?

This is not in reference to overly coiffed individuals or the trappings of the rich. Sure, those people could have the spark too, but it’s not something that pertains only to the wealthy.

Thursday Aug 22,2019

The idea started in Cuba. As an avid traveler, Jun took a trip to Cayo Coco in search of an amazing native colony of pink flamingos. roaming next to pristine beaches and turquoise water.

While perspiring in the heat, a rash appeared on her underarms, leading her to look closer at the ingredients in her new deodorant. To her shock, she found the product she willingly put on her body contained chemicals that posed a threat to both humans and the environment.  


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