Rachel is a Manager (Education) at IIE. She manages investment-based projects in IIE, namely: Protégé Ventures and Angel Investment Education Programme.

Donna Daritan is a Manager at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) at the Singapore Management University (SMU). She supports and cares for the startups that IIE incubates. Start-up building is not only an occupation but also her life long passion.

Friday Mar 20,2020

UglyGood is SimplyGood (No pun intended).

Thursday Mar 19,2020

"Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records" - William Arthur Ward.

Human civilisation has gone through many disasters since the beginning of time - Black Death, Spanish Flu, Ebola and the list goes on. It is nature's way of accelerating the process of human evolution. Similarly in the modern world, the same can be said for cities and businesses who evolved and excelled by being prepared and staying agile.

TurtleTree Labs is the first biotech company in the world with the ability to create milk from all mammals. Using their proprietary cell-based methods, they will shape the future of not just how we get dairy milk but how humans will feed their infants. To maximise impact, the team will work with industry leaders to adopt their sustainable and safe methods to create milk. TurtleTree Labs is able to have a 98% reduction in carbon footprint and as a result will help to save the world by replacing dairy cows in the future.
Protenga enables Real Food in balance with nature through Data-Driven Insect Technology. It produces the highest quality insect protein through automated production technology and simple waste recycling.
Meloncrates is a K-12 Online Live Gamified Math Class Platform. It provides story-based and Hands-on Math, at the comfort of one's own home.
StaffAny is a software-as-a-service startup that helps business owners reduce work dedicated to scheduling and time-tracking, as well as reduce the cost of operations by minimising time theft and overtime spend. It helps businesses save time on doing administration, increase productivity and reduce labour hours on the ground. Specific differentiators include rapid low cost deployment, real time data flow and seamless multi-location support.
Lexagle is developing a legal management platform which allows companies and individuals to manage their contracting and other legal requirements. The Lexagle platform will have two modules, Lexagle Corporate, which operates on a freemium model, and Lexagle Prime which is a paid service. Lexagle Corporate manages the entire life cycle of a contract from origination / drafting, negotiations, execution (both online and offline), secured storage of contracts and the tracking and retrieval of information relating to contracts. The target audience are individuals and corporates.
Reality Detector creates AI powered deception detection technology to "reveal incongruent words and actions at a glance". Thus, we are i) augmenting and commercializing accurate behavioural science with rule-based AI and ii) automating novel automated deep-learning.


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