Saturday Nov 25,2023

  • The collaboration exemplifies how SMEs can harness the intellectual capital of universities to stay ahead in the thriving e-commerce sector
  • Early results from uParcel’s implementation of CUDO indicated 20 percent improvement in efficiency and save 500 hours in delivery time


Tuesday Nov 14,2023

  • 33 dynamic start-ups
  • Start-ups representing diverse sectors, including Sustainability, EdTech and FinTech
SMU IIE’s Business Innovations Generator (BIG) August 2023 cohort kickoff session



Hungry Human is a one-stop solution for all NFT and Web3 development – from project planning to post-launch and marketing campaigns, we have specialized teams do it all.

The difference?

We make it look awesome with 2 decades of creative experience, technical know-how and market knowledge. We are also building up an IP called Hungry Hamster that has released in the form of digital collectibles. The phyical collectibles via art toys will be released in NYC first in April 2023!










At CipherPlus, we are dedicated to spearheading the research, development, and implementation of cutting-edge privacy-enhancing technology (PET) and its real-world applications. Our mission is to build a robust, trustworthy, and safe digital ecosystem in key sectors such as Cybersecurity, Fintech, Healthcare, Federated Learning, and Web3.

We are a unique AI-enabled yet human-centric personalised learning system that integrates assessment, synchronous and asynchronous learning on a unified platform.

We optimise educators’ work processes based on data, ML and AI technologies, enabling differentiated instructions to be easily conducted in a highly collaborative, engaging and interactive learning space. Through our dynamic learning environment, we magnify learners’ opportunities to make it a rewarding experience for everyone.










Teman Data is a data analytics company specialized in data management, business analytics, and AI services with clients from various industries such as healthcare, automotive, technology, event & entertainment, and FnB. With 3 years of experience, we discovered many pain points in implementing and managing data analytics capabilities in enterprises. We want to build a platform where customers can gain data analytics capabilities with as little time, cost, and effort as possible.

GeoCapture stores CO2 in deep geological formations to enable industrial CO2 emitters to meet climate change targets.Because of very low supply of storage sites, we deliver accelerated m, low cost and de-risked exploration to make our CO2 storage as a service available.

Our added value is to provide verified and safe long term CO2 storage solution.
























Singapored-based startup that is a specialised marketplace for collectibles. It will incorporate unique features such as bidding, auctions, livestreaming, etc.












































A2EShip is a tech-enabled cross-border logistic solution to all shoppers residing in Vietnam and Singapore.

With the support of our technology platform, we offer an easy, convenient and cost-effective shipping solutions to enhance your shopping process and experience. We also solve cross-border shopping blockers for our customers, from payment to product checks before having them shipped to their doorsteps!


















XerGame is a newly established startup that has already built a prototype Wellness and Exergaming Platform that strives to meet  the needs of seniors via partnering various Social Service Agencies as well as through direct outreach.


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