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IIE Startup, Drivearn gets Grant from ACE Grant Scheme

Monday Nov 24,2014 | Startup News

One of SMU Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship start-up, Drivearn has been successfull in their application of the ACE grant.

a total amount of $50,000 will be granted for them to support, grow, and build their dream company. 

What is Drivearn:


Drivearn helps Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) gain a wider network of audiences through vehicle advertising offered at an affordable price. We believe SMEs have great products and awesome ideas but many lack the tools and abilities to reach a wider audience - thereby missing out on converting many potential customers. Drivearn offers SMEs and Advertisers a unique mass media medium with incredible reach but at a price point below that of what advertising with a conventional taxi company would cost..

Consider this; each day over 2.7 million passenger trips are taken in Singapore, which makes vehicle advertising an effective medium for Advertisers to engage their audiences and to capture their attention. However, these media spaces on our roads are limited, costly and booked many months in advance.

Drivearn is able to solve these issues by allowing Advertisers to take advantage of the larger pool of private vehicles on the roads (as compared to the number of taxis, bus stands and billboards combined) by utilizing the sides, top and rear of these private cars as advertising spaces for rent. Drivearn is here and set to introduce the next big media platform on roads for Advertisers.


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